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    Sometimes we can’t even name what it is that we want to be different. Often this is the reason a physician will reach out to a coach.

    Often, we hit a point where we just aren’t sure what we want. There can be just a vague sense of something being “not right.” Coaching can help to clarify what you’re seeking. By understanding what is important to you, and by dissecting what is bothering you and driving you to change, you will be able to gain a new perspective and clarity around the next steps. I have found with clients that doing a values assessment can really help to focus on where the unease is originating. We’ll usually find that somehow, we drifted into a role that is counter to a value we hold as important. If you value integrity, but are called to do something that pushes against that value, you may not consciously know it, but your body-mind is finding a way to let you know. That is often the source of that vague unease.

    As we address that in coaching, we can explore how it is impacting you and what it might take to move back in alignment with your values. It can be surprising how clear the answer is once we uncover the discrepancy between your true values and your demonstrated values that you are living.


    With coaching, you can push your career to the next level. It is the place where in complete confidence, you can fully disclose your doubts, your apprehensions, and your imperfections. Together, we will address the barriers to your success and find a direction to move forward through this challenging time.

    Client Testimonial

    I didn’t know what course of direction I wanted to take, but knew that I wasn’t happy doing my director role. As a physician and coach, John gave me the space to really dig deep into what was important to me now and helped connect me to my values that were in conflict with my current leadership role. I found I needed more challenge and I took the chance and crafted what actions I needed to take. Having an accountability partner helped keep me on track.”" - Kate R. MD, VP Medical Director

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