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  • Case Study: Loss of Control

    Case Study: Accountability

    One of our clients, a 49-year-old pediatrician whom after 25 years in practice, found himself under a performance improvement plan and possible threat to his employment due to complaints about his communication and demeanor. The pandemic had created an unstable staffing situation and increased the demands of day-to-day work. Having once been in private practice, he missed the autonomy and stability he’d once known. He couldn’t accept that he had accountability for his reactionary behaviors and didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to lose his job and move to a new community and health system.

    Through coaching, we connected him with his values and what was within his control to impact. He recognized that he was trying to control many variables outside of his control, and looked to possibilities of what change could bring. He focused his attention to the mutual desire of best outcomes for patients. He created a “recipe” of how to manage the conversations when he was aware of triggers.

    Within a short time, he was finding staff approaching him with questions and concerns. His patient satisfaction improved and he was able to meet with the associate medical director about extending his contract. He was sleeping better, felt at ease, and no longer dreaded going in to the office.

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