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    We are experienced physicians, leaders, and professionally trained and certified coaches. We understand the abundance of challenges you face in career and life. We enjoy the opportunity to partner with physicians as equals. You are the expert of you, and we are the expert coaches. Together we co-create what you want. That may include a myriad of topics important to you. You decide and we look at what makes that important and develop actions steps towards achieving what you want.

    We believe physicians have a unique set of skills, experiences, and responsibilities. As physicians, we understand the complexities of balancing caring for patients and maintaining your own wellness. As coaches we can bring that unique understanding to our clients to enable to them to reach new levels of success and happiness.


    We believe physicians have a unique set of skills, experiences, and responsibilities. As physicians, we understand the complexities of balancing caring for patients and maintaining your own wellness. As coaches, we can bring that unique understanding to our clients to enable them to reach new levels of success.

    What is coaching?

    Coaching is designed to help you maximize your personal and professional potential. We will work together to enable you to find solutions. These solutions may be for achieving career goals, identifying strengths or opportunities, clarifying business decisions, improving your productivity and satisfaction, or for understanding interpersonal or family situations. The most important thing is the sacred space of confidentiality and trust that we honor. Change can be hard and takes work, self-reflection, vulnerability, and transparency.

    What do we do, what we really do, why does that matter/how does that make a difference?

    We have come to realize that there just aren’t many places a physician can turn to guide self-development with their uniqueness. We are that place. There is a dome of confidentiality without judgement or bias that doesn’t occur when talking to colleagues, executives, or those you might report to. We offer that space where we see you as whole, creative, and resourceful.

    We put you at the center, partnering in our conversations to evoke new awareness and challenge assumptions to unlock your potential. Often, physicians don’t dedicate the time or seek the right people to help them move forward. We provide a safe place to explore and create self-awareness to discover where you are stuck, or what you want to be different in your life than you are experiencing now.

    We coach physicians to identify their goals and stumbling blocks, and help them achieve their goals and overcome the blocks. By building a connection with a client, we become their thinking partner and help them develop a path to success and get commitments around how they will hold themselves accountable.

    Ready to push your career to the next level?

    Throughout any career there can be times of stagnation. Physicians have often achieved significant obstacles along their career journey. They are high performers with considerable self-imposed inner critical and often don’t provide themselves grace and self-compassion that they so often provide to others. There can be fear of failure. The rapid transformation in healthcare creates an environment that feels unstable. Physicians can experience this whether in clinical practice, or if serving in leadership roles. New expectation may be placed upon you without a clear path to a solution. There are few resources that you can turn to without feeling judged and able to provide full transparency. Worrying about being judged, feelings of inadequacy, or even fear of retribution can surface. In these times, physicians often hold back on reaching out for help. We are here to help.

    What is the time commitment?

    We offer 3- and 6-month packages with six and twelve sessions respectively. These include a self-reflective form and debrief. There are also available exercises for identifying values, strengths, life balance assessment. Each session is 45 minutes long and followed up with a high-level written summary. Email access is unlimited and 20 minute on-demand “pop-up” sessions are available. Some people find it helpful to continue to meet monthly or quarterly to touch base. We can craft support around what suits your individual needs.

    What are the first steps?

    Coaching is a very personal process that requires an open and honest partnership. We are likely to be most successful if you are able to think deeply and to look at the reasoning and meaning behind your thinking. What do you want to be different when we are done working together?

    During the discovery session, we will talk about what is bringing you to coaching and what you hope to get out of it. We’ll find out if our coaching relationship will work. If we don’t seem compatible, we can provide you with some other potential coaches that may be a better fit.

    How much does it cost?

    We will discuss options at our free discovery call (Residents or medical students contact us for a reduced fee). We have found that paying for a block of time, rather than each session, decreases any hesitancy to schedule an appointment as issues come up. Three months also allows time to ensure we uncover any deeper issues that may be contributing to the initial concern.

    Will I have to do self-evaluations or 360 evaluations?

    Coaching is all about what you want to know and do. We don’t ever have to discuss issues that aren’t important for you, so we don’t require that clients do any formal evaluation process. However, for some clients, at some point, it becomes clear that gathering more detailed information about their patterns of approaching situations may be helpful. If that is the case, we will offer an appropriate evaluation tool, but again, nothing is mandatory.

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