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  • Case Study: Seeking Leadership

    Case Study: Leadership and Growth

    One of our clients, Kara PA-C, was wanting to move forward in her desire to obtain a leadership position in healthcare. She had 20 years of clinical experience. While she had completed a Masters in Healthcare Administration, she lacked practical experience in formal administrative leadership. She wasn’t sure what role she was seeking, so through coaching, we worked on identifying what she valued and what strengths she would bring to a leadership position. As a Physician Assistant, she was suffering from self-doubt and imposter beliefs.

    When her strengths were identified and examples of where she in fact had had successes in leading, it became clear to her that she had much to offer and what type of a position suited her best in her early stage of her leadership development. She had multiple interviews and made the case for an internal leadership position within her existing organization. She recognized that she was well respected and constructed a position suited for her and the organization to reduce turnover, connect to clinicians on the front lines creating engagement and retention of the large Advanced Practitioner workforce in her organization.

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