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  • Case Study: Clarifying Goals

    Case Study: Clarifying Goals

    Sometimes we can’t even name what it is that we want to be different. Often this is the reason a physician will reach out to a coach.

    One of our clients, a 60-year-old physician, was struggling with identifying a much-desired change in his work/life balance. A partner his age announced her retirement and it was wake up call for him. He was serving as a medical education program director, maintaining an active clinical and hospital practice (including obstetrics), and had a growing family of grandchildren for which he felt increasing guilt and stress over not being present. He desired balance but wasn’t sure what that really meant. He wanted to continue working at least until 70.

    We identified the things most important to him through a values mining exercise and what was getting in his way that he had control to change. Within 12 weeks of working together, he was able to have a clear vision of what he wanted his future to look like and we co-created action steps to accomplish that. He was crystal clear on what portion of work was right-sized and, within that mix, what was most meaningful. He is now working his plan that seemed so nebulous just months earlier. His confidence in his plan brought him peace, meaning, and hope.

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